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Brainspotting The Mind-Body Connection

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a revolutionary new approach to therapy developed by David Grand, Ph.D. Through his experiences working with clients doing EMDR, he recognized that many of his clients were able to process at a deeper level when they focused on a specific spot in their field of vision. Over time he developed Brainspotting-a technique that allowed him the ability to access, diagnose and treat a wide variety of physical and emotionally-based conditions.

How Does it Work?

Unresolved pain and trauma have a tremendous impact on everything we do as individuals and can disrupt our lives in ways we don’t even realize. Brainspotting appears to work by directly tapping into the brain’s autonomic and limbic systems, located within the deepest part of our brain where unresolved pain and trauma are stuck.

Brainspotting activates areas of the brain that allow the brain to access its own natural ability to heal itself and adequately deal with the trauma.

How Does Brainspotting Heal Trauma?

Almost everyone has experienced trauma in one form or another-serious physical illness, accident, abuse, acute and chronic pain, sports accident, betrayal, abandonment, natural disaster. Modern research has revealed that the trauma we experience is held in our body and shows itself in a variety of ways.

If trauma is not adequately dealt with, they become part of your “trauma reservoir,” which can manifest in physical and emotional symptoms. Brainspotting allows the client and therapist to locate and target the areas where trauma is stuck, allowing the client’s brain to safely and adequately process the traumatic experiences.

Accessing trauma in a safe environment will help the brain to break away from the associated injury, minimizing its impact both physically and emotionally on the individual; consequently, many client’s reports not only a reduction in emotional pain and suffering but also the physical symptoms that often come with emotional struggles.

How Can Brainspotting Help You?

Brainspotting can be used with nearly every client. It has shown to be useful for the client’s struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to clients who have experienced trauma related to a sports injury. This technique has also helped individuals struggling with addiction, depression, and anxiety. Brainspotting has even been shown to help athletes and performers improve their ability to perform.

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