Are You Or Your Child Struggling With Addiction

You came to this page because you want answers, either for yourself or a loved one.

You’re tired of hurting; you are tired of making commitments, to stop certain behaviors, and then going back to them over and over again. You know that as soon as you make the commitment, it will be broken.

Perhaps you have tried different things in the past; perhaps this is new.

We want you to know that the information that is presented on this website can help you find hope and healing like never before.

We encourage you to invest your time in yourself to understand some of these concepts that timeless wisdom and the latest brain research have combined together to provide answers to you; it will help you have a paradigm shift.

We know that you hurt.

Perhaps you even feel like a bad person or that you are weak-willed or that there is no hope for you.

We want to change all that. We want to change your thinking. We want to change your viewpoint of yourself. We want you to love yourself for who you are and move forward with that type of thinking.

You may be thinking … yeah right!

If you need to externalize your confidence right now, rely on our confidence and faith.

We know it is possible because we have seen it happen in the lives of many individuals in the many years that we have been doing this work.

You’re not alone and your situation is not that unique.

True you are different and you have different likes and dislikes but addiction is an addiction and we can help you.

Please, take a few moments, invest your time into watching the information that is presented to you on this page through the videos below which will talk about a concept called the two-part brain.

Gordon Bruin is our friend and mentor. We have learned a lot from him and together we have created a pornography addiction treatment system but this presentation is focused on addiction in general.

This presentation was given at the IHC medical center during a luncheon.

… sorry about the noisy forks on plates 🙂
(I wished I could have given everyone paper plates as I was filming but that was not a choice.)

You are not a bad person; it is not because you or a loved one are weak-willed; it is simply because you have not had the proper information on how to deal with addiction issues.

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