Learn how to manage and be empowered with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

OCD Therapy Help in American Fork

Do you have thoughts that cause a lot of distress and consume your time? Do you fear germs, losing control, harming yourself, explicit thoughts, losing or not having things you might need? Have you excessively focused on religious or moral ideas, organized everything because it must line up just right? 

Or maybe you double-check things repeatedly, like locks, appliances, and switches?

OCD can manifest itself in many ways and may start to control your life, for example, some symptoms of OCD may be so afraid of germs it’s hard to go outside or touch anything.

Whatever your symptoms may be, there’s help. Utah Family Therapy focuses on helping individuals and families that are experiencing OCD, anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Bridging the Gap for Healing

Many times people suffering from OCD have expressed that they feel broken, sick, twisted and alone. We hope to bridge that gap because we don’t think you’re broken, sick or twisted and we’re here for you so you’re not alone.

Utah Family Therapy wants to help you. In addition to our regular services and after years of seeing men, women, and children coming into our office and needing more in-depth work, we realized there was a gap in the healing process that needed to be filled. We feel like we’ve filled that gap by creating an intensive outpatient program for OCD using compassion, and connection, to achieve deep healing.

Our intensive outpatient program incorporates group therapy, family therapy, and health and wellness, as well as an aggressive approach to be the most effective solution.

You can learn more about our intensive outpatient treatment program.

In the process of helping individuals with OCD we have discovered that, for many, OCD is a symptom of past trauma that was never processed properly in the brain. Therefore, our approach is to incorporate methods of treatment that heals trauma.

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