Healing Addiction

Addiction Recovery

Experiencing Addictive Behaviors … What Can You Do? Step 1. Realize you are not broken! You’re not broken. Realize your potential and love yourself for who you are. The information in our system addresses their questions. The understanding of addiction is the same no matter if it is drugs, sex, alcohol or some other addictive behavior. […]

Compulsive Grip

Compulsive Grip

You Can Tighten or Loosen the Compulsive Grip “I don’t want you, but I need you… I want to leave you, don’t want to stay here, don’t want to spend another day here… I want to split now. I can’t quit now, you really got a hold on me.” — Smokey Robinson, You Really Got […]

Addiction Explained


Understand Addiction, What Is It? Definition of Addiction – A persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. Addiction has been extended to include mood-altering behaviors or activities. For the purpose of this article, we are going to speak of two types: Process Addiction and Substance Addiction. Process Addiction Process Addiction: is the cause of action […]