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Brainspotting Therapy is The Mind-Body Connection for Healing Trauma What is Brainspotting? Brainspotting is a revolutionary new approach to therapy developed by David Grand, Ph.D. Through his experiences with clients doing EMDR, he recognized that many clients able to process at deeper levels. And it happens when they focus at a specific spot in their field of vision. […]

Ghosts From Past


Ghosts From Your Past Following You? I remember when ghosts (past traumatic experiences), followed me, but now I live in hope and happiness by Katie Winn-Gooch A few weeks ago, as I was finishing up an EMDR session with a client, she grabbed my hand and whispered, “I’m sorry you have to share this with […]

7 Tips Talk About War

7 Tips – Talking to Children About Ukraine War It’s important to talk about war with your children, the news about the invasion of Ukraine, caused tremendous pain and grief in me. Families being shredded as women and children get on trains to go to neighboring countries and safe havens. Men being asked to leave […]


Lets face it, who likes to talk about their crap with other people? 

If you’re like most clients, you’re used to being judged despite hearing so many people talk about non judgment and when you do open up, it seems like the more you share, the less likely you are to get compassion. 

We’ve worked our butts off to create a clinic where the unfiltered, real you, can show up and heal, so dammit give therapy a chance

We love the unfiltered real you, let’s heal together. – Utah Family Therapy Team