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Video Game Addiction

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Video games is being used as a social platform and seems like an engaging and relatively harmless pastime to some. It’s true, a half-hour here or a half-hour there is not that bad.

However, regular or irresponsible video gameplay breeds many adverse effects and can be severely inhibiting and damaging for the individual’s mind and their mood.

A study done by M.J. Koepp in 1998 revealed that video game play releases a level of dopamine (the “pleasure and drive” chemical in the brain) comparable to that seen when amphetamines are injected intravenously. 

This amount of dopamine can be released in other natural events in life, it’s duration is usually very short, it subsides, and then the person goes back to normal levels. These types of experiences are healthy and create joy.

Part of the issue with video games and social media comes in when you consider how long an artificial and highly stimulating experience like this can be dragged out; virtually endlessly.

Gaming Addiction
Gaming can become a serious compulsion.

When you spike dopamine too high for too long in the brain, like with video games, it damages the brain and causes it to release less and less dopamine in normal life the more and more often that an individual plays.

Thus, dependency ensues, and overall satisfaction with life goes down. An imbalance in dopamine also leads to many, many other issues that could be discussed at great length.

It is crucial for desire, enjoyment, and motivation, affecting nearly every area of life. (There are 12 different types of dopamine, but we won’t get into that in this article)

It is important that we be aware of the dangers of these things.

Many are not privy to the potentially detrimental effects of these technologies until they are already held down in the chains of addiction and feel they cannot escape.

Prevention is a Beautiful Thing

Overcome Technology AddictionsNo matter what the obstacle is, even if it’s technology addictions, you can overcome it.

No matter what the obstacle is, even if it’s technology addictions, you can overcome it.

If we can educate ourselves and our loved ones in these things and stay wise to their dangers, we can save many from pain and suffering.

What if you or your loved one are already caught? Well, many things can be done, and thousands have recovered and overcome these addictions already.

It is 100% possible.

However, this kind of transformation takes effort, diligence, and it does entail pain in the aspects of withdrawal and behavior-change.

What is wonderful though, is that many already know how to overcome these addictions and there is so much knowledge and support to help individuals figure out how to unlock these chains and move onto a life of freedom.

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Though it can be difficult, the effort can be put into recovery strategies and tapping into power to overcome, rather than the effort spent on battling, fear, and will-power-binging.

We only have so much energy; we just need to know how to use it and how to channel it into building new habits and engaging in strategies, activities, and thought-replacement to enable recovery.

At Utah Family Therapy, we provide counseling to help people understand themselves and gain a sense of worthiness and self-love to overcome the things that led them to addiction initially.Using robust methods of Intensive Outpatient Therapy , we delve into the family structure and community to help addicts get the support they need to overcome their burdens.

Our goal is to help them figure out what can be done within the structure to better their situation and bring about powerful, meaningful change – not only about recovery but in other areas of life as well.

Connection breeds change, and close ties in relationships can make all the difference. We are here to help enable that process and bring about the changes necessary to create stability and support.

Let’s face it – we live in a digital age of online activity that isn’t going away. 

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