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Women's Group or Women’s Processing Group

Women'S Support Group
Women's support group helps you face your challenges.

Utah Family Therapy’s Women’s Processing Group is facilitated by some of our amazing therapists,  with an incredible support team that are willing to walk your journey with you. (This group focuses on eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, and women’s issues)


"For several years I had the opportunity to facilitate a couple of different women's groups, also known as women’s processing groups. Through this experience, I witnessed countless moments of growth, inspiration, and compassion. Group therapy experience can be quite a bit different from a regular therapy session. Women's Group provides many different opportunities for change and healing; added support, a greater depth for empathy, and some fresh new perspectives and ideas. Furthermore, the support we receive is just some of the reasons why I believe group therapy can be a significant step for some women."

You Are Unique

First of all, as women, there are many experiences and issues we go through that are unique to women. We have roles that we play in life.

The many challenges we have overcome is one of the reasons that I love working with women’s processing/psychotherapy groups.

The women’s processing group provides a safe, understanding, and a comfortable environment. Women come together to process feelings and different difficulties that they may be experiencing.

It is a place where they can receive much-needed love and support from others who genuinely care and who truly understand.

Group Topics

Topics in the group can range from eating disorders, body shaming, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, and depression to issues that women face on a daily basis like parenting, working, micromanaging a home and family, being spread too thin, and sometimes even just trying to find value in ourselves and build self-confidence.

As a facilitator of the group, I love offering tools, coping strategies, psychoeducation, and different interventions.

However, the real healing comes from the support and caring of multiple group members. Group members offer empathy and a listening ear. We can gain so much as we learn from each other and grow together!

Wondering whether or not a group is right for you?

You may have that little voice in your head saying, “I’ll be fine. I can handle this?”

Seriously, how much farther along would you be if you had the support you need?

Imagine what it would be like to have a support group of women that understand you, maybe even have gone through the exact struggles your facing now and can tell you how they were able to handle it.

Now think about what else you could get accomplished with a supportive group.

Call today to join a loving, encouraging and supportive women’s group 801.901.0279. 

This is a unique women’s group experience that can make a big difference in your life even if you’re working with a therapist already. You may want to ask if they feel a group setting would be a good idea?

In order to maintain the integrity of the group, all members must have an assessment. For optimal healing, we need to make sure our women’s group is right for you.

Call for an assessment 801.901.0279


Lets face it, who likes to talk about their crap with other people? 

If you’re like most clients, you’re used to being judged despite hearing so many people talk about non judgment and when you do open up, it seems like the more you share, the less likely you are to get compassion. 

We’ve worked our butts off to create a clinic where the unfiltered, real you, can show up and heal, so dammit give therapy a chance

We love the unfiltered real you, let’s heal together. – Utah Family Therapy Team