Utah Family Therapy

Meet Your Caring Team Of Therapists & Staff

Utah Family Therapy’s Team Helps You Heal From Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Pornography


Haylee Heyn

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Haylee loves helping couples build communication skills and reconnect in a loving compassionate way.



Alberto Valdez

Marriage & Family Therapist

Alberto likes to work with teens and adults, he’s LGBTQ+ allied and believes everyone has value and purpose.



Taylor Cordova

Marriage & Family Therapist

Taylor is a facilitator for our Youth Intensive Outpatient Program and loves working with families, to build connection and deepen relationships.



Matthew Montaño

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Matthew is passionate about helping couples build communication skills and reconnect using the Gottman Method. He is the facilitator for  our Couple’s Connection Experience.

Rebecca Hansen, Marriage &Amp; Family Therapist

Rebecca Hansen

Marriage & Family Therapist 

Becca loves children and wants each child to have the support they need.  She focuses on play therapy, couples, families, and adolescent individual therapy. She also helps facilitate our Adult Intensive Outpatient Program. 



Robert Robison

LMFT, UFT President & Founder

Rob founded Utah Family Therapy with a focus on working with teens and adults with pornography. He has an innate ability to connect with and understand people on a deeper level.



Ryan Parry

Marriage & Family Therapist

Ryan is focused on sending a positive message through his therapy. Specializing in anxiety, Ryan instills hope and empathy and loves to look for the best scenario in every situation. Come as you are and find acceptance.


Summer Simmons

Marriage & Family Therapist

We’re happy for Summer to join us. Summer’s bio coming soon.



Taylor Lamont

Marriage & Family Therapist

Taylor (aka LaMont) is a superhero when it comes to connecting with teens. He brings fun and passion to every session. He facilitates our Youth Intensive Outpatient Program as well as individual therapy.


Brad Tanner

LMFT, IOP Co-Founder & Director

Brad specializes in Brainspotting and healing from deep trauma. He has a focus in helping teens and young adults with pornography and trauma. He supervises all of the Intensive Outpatient Programs at UFT.


Kelsey Macfarlane, Marriage And Family Therapist

Kelsey MacFarlane

Marriage & Family Therapist

Kelsey’s number one value is connection. As your therapist, she wants to connect with you.

She wants to help you connect in healthy ways to the people you care about. 


Mandy Fairbanks

Marriage & Family Therapist

We are so excited to have Mandy join the Utah Family Therapy team.


Kenzie Preza

Marriage & Family Therapist

Kenzie is passionate about working with families, couples, and individuals.
She believes you already have the capabilities to work through life’s challenges, just need a little guidance along the way. 

Dallin Schenk

Certified Clinical Mental
Health Counselor

Dallin enjoys working with adolescents and adults who struggle with mental health.  He believes each person has the innate capacity to grow and become a better version of themself. 



Daniela Cadmus

Marriage & Family Therapist

Daniela likes to work using a trauma-informed lens and wants to provide therapy for the Hispanic community since Spanish is her first language.



Portia Louder

Client Care Advocate

Portia Louder, author of, “Living Louder,” joined Utah Family Therapy helping to run groups, be an advocate to help young adults with mental health challenges.






Dorothy Oswald

Receptionist &
Scheduling Manager

Dorothy has had extensive experience in office management primarily working with Zion’s bank for most of her career.  She brings her expertise along with a very compassionate heart to Utah Family Therapy.  Dorothy loves the outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her grandkids.

Jennie Robison

Jennie Robison

Office Manager &
Insurance Liaison

Jennie understands every facet of the workings of Utah Family Therapy and strives to ensure that everyone from the staff, to our clients, and their families all have a positive experience at UFT.  She is passionate about the invaluable support our Intensive Outpatient Program can provide to clients and their families.  


Sheryle Coray

Billing &
Account Manager

Sheryle has an outstanding ability to organize and create management systems that ensure both efficiency and practicality.  She finds great satisfaction in making sure the billing and all client accounts are managed with professionalism.  She loves creating fun adventures with her husband and kids, exercising, and meeting new people. 

Tony Rhoton, Co-Founder Utah Family Therapy

Tony Rhoton

Co-Founder UFT, Business Development & Marketing

Tony helps form valuable relationships that will help you in your healing journey. He often works behind the scenes to keep UFT running and he’s also passionate about simple gardening techniques.


Stephanie Empey

Insurance Billing

Stephanie is a medical billing specialist and ensures all insurance claims are submitted accurately– making things easier for all the rest of us! Stephanie loves traveling with her family, playing with her grandkids, walking the family dogs, and reading.


McKinzley Hoyt


Mckinzley began her journey with UFT helping behind the scenes in office management, and now is a receptionist and enjoys interacting with clients and their families. McKinzley also loves to spend time with her family and hiking in the mountains whenever she gets the opportunity


Mayra Pollock

Receptionist, IOP Coordinator

Mayra has had extensive experience in medical office management and brings her large reservoir of expertise to UFT coupled with a passion for helping people. She loves reading books that inspire her to become a better woman, and loves to learn new things from jewelry making to sewing and photography!  Above all, she is happy to be the wife of the love of her life for over 26 years.