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My Nightmare Came True! My Daughter's Playground Conversation

We all know that Pornography is continuously destroying families by pornographers targeting younger and younger generations and we are grateful for advocacy groups that are fighting this. #pornharms #womenfordecency #fightthenewdrug

There are more and more groups standing up against the porn industry and their lackeys in Washington.

Onto my Nightmare …

I’m so glad that I live in a smaller town and all of this pornographic filth won’t affect me .

… so I thought!

At the age of 5 my daughter came home from school and as the good father that I am. I asked her the common questions any dad would ask:

  • How was school?
  • How did you like your classes?
  • What did you do, etc…

You get the picture the common questions. Then she dropped a bombshell on me.

“Daddy” she said, “What’s a . . .”

I stopped what I was doing, looked her in the eyes and said, “What was that?”

I was absolutely certain I heard that wrong. I asked her again, getting down to her eye level, staring into her innocent little face so I could make sure I did not miss anything.

I said, “Please tell daddy what you said again. I did not hear it correctly.”

She repeated exactly what I hoped I had heard wrong.

… I couldn’t believe it.

At the age of 5, she is asking questions about some serious intimate details.

After the initial shock and breath being removed from my lungs, I answered her question at the 5 year old level.

I couldn’t believe it, my daughter asking questions like this.

I asked her where she heard these terms and she said, “They were talking about it on the playground.”

What happened to playing tag, and boys have cooties?

I must admit.

I miss the good ole days when girls played Barbie dolls and when the Ken doll was around, he was snubbed because he had cooties.

Unfortunately, this is the society we live in. Pornography is being viewed by so many people that young innocent children are getting exposed to it, like all of my daughters friends.

I thought I was removed from the filth but I was wrong. Even if it is not in my home, it is in other people’s homes and their children are experiencing it and bringing their experience to the playground.

I’m so glad I knew how to talk to my daughter to answer this question.

How we communicate with our children is crucial and that’s why it’s important to know, The Parenting Code.

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