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An open letter in support of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes.

We are so proud to live in a state where our Attorney General is fighting against human trafficking.

Here is an email we just received from our AG.

– – – – – – Beginning of email – – – – – – –

Most Americans are unaware that modern-day slavery exists in the form of human trafficking.

To many, the phrase “human trafficking” elicits connotations of a tragedy present only in far-flung, third world countries. While trafficking of men, women, and children truly is an international evil of epidemic proportions, it hits much closer to home in terms of victims and demand—including in Utah.

After witnessing the heinous impact of child sex trafficking firsthand last October during an uncover sting in Colombia with Utah-based, non-profit Operation Underground Railroad (OUR; www.ourrescue.org), I felt compelled to pen and publish an Opinion Editorial so that people both in Utah and outside of this great state might strive to learn more about this evil black market that is being proliferated by men and women (many of whom you’d never expect) worldwide.

To read the full Op Ed in Washington Examiner, click here.

I was privileged to be able to spend a few hours as guest host at KNRS on the Rod Arquette Show with OUR Founder Tim Ballard and OUR’s Program Director of Rehab and Prevention Ed Smart talking about their mission to eradicate child sex trafficking worldwide and the rehabilitation process involved in ensuring these children are able to eventually heal.

If you missed the show on Jan. 21, you can listen to the archived audio by clicking here. [Sorry iHeart Radio removed this show 🙁 ]

And, if you have the time this Friday, Feb. 6 at 10 a.m. to tune into Salt Lake Community College radio, Ed Smart and I will be special guests on Damien Holme’s “The Certified Underground Uncensored Show” (RadioSLCC) and plan to talk about the Colombian mission orchestrated by OUR, the state of human and child sex trafficking worldwide including the United States and Utah, and the amazing rescue and rehabilitation efforts taking place today by organizations like OUR.

Lastly, with Utah’s 2015 legislative session in full swing and many bills running through committees, we are carefully balancing AG office caseload and client requests with a continued focus on making the AG office the exemplary law firm it once was. Thank you again for your support and trust, my door is always open.

With gratitude and respect,

Sean D. Reyes

Utah Attorney General

– – – – – – end of email – – – – – – –

Wow! It is hard to believe that sex trafficking exists, but it does. We are so glad to hear that our Attorney General, Sean Reyes, is not standing idle in this fight.

We are glad to see Utah being a leader fighting against this.

Thank you to Sean Reyes and his team. Thank you, Utah for supporting the family.


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