Be a Builder

A builder is someone that is approachable, understanding, willing to communicate, loves unconditionally, accepts and empathizes, expects questions and challenges and always reinforces relationships.

Why is it so important to get rid of Shame? 

Shame & Disconnection are driving factors behind unhealthy compulsive behaviors.

Many traditional recovery programs unintentionally drive shame deeper and contribute to feelings of failure and disconnection; Ask any loved one or friend what their experiences have been like in recovery.

Use YES Language

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Two unique Recovery Programs for Teens and Adults striving to overcome compulsive behaviors. 6-month program including a combination of individual and couples therapy. Client and spouse groups. Online Daily Accountability.

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Utah Family Therapy offers FREE Seminars & Educational Resources

Within Utah County, Utah Family Therapy provides free resources to help ecclesiastical leaders, adult, and youth groups, parents and other leaders understand the issues we’re facing and how to handle them; Avoiding Shame, Secrecy and learning how to connect and be BUILDER.

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Instead of Fighting … Start Building!

Be a builder, Building takes strength and courage to listen to those who are struggling, with love and empathy. Building requires leaders who lead with love and compassion. Building requires calm responses and honest speaking. Building requires humility to be grateful they talked to you. Building empowers those who struggle instead of making them feel weak or insignificant.

… Be A Builder, You Can Do It! …

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