Teletherapy for anxiety and depression is working well.

Haylee Doing Teletherapy for Depression and Anxiety it is Working!

We had an open conversation with Haylee about teletherapy and this was her response:

To be completely honest. In the 10 or so years that I’ve been doing therapy, I have tried to avoid, at all costs, doing any kind of teletherapy because I love the connection that we form in the office.

But now, having been forced into it, I have found that I can still feel and build that genuine connection with the individuals that I am working with.

I was afraid that teletherapy was going to cause me to have to completely change the way I was connecting with people. However, It hasn’t adjusted or changed my style in any way, and it has been actually quite a good eye-opening experience for me to see that teletherapy for anxiety and depression really can work, and it can make a difference.

It definitely opens up a lot more opportunities to see and to work with different people no matter what kind of circumstances we may have or distances that may be between us.

I have found teletherapy, even though I had tried to avoid it for so long, it turns out there was no need for me to have done that because it is working great and I am enjoying it.

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Haylee loves to help individuals, couples and families heal from anxiety and depression.

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