Torrey Harmon

Torrey Harmon Utah County Therapist

Torrey Harmon

Co-Director, ACMHC



Torrey Harmon, ACMHC

One of Torrey’s central passions in life is to help people, especially teenagers.  This led him to join YES Clinics to provide support and healing to many who struggle with common issues of our day, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, technology dependence, problems in relationships, and trauma.

Torrey is Co-Director of YES as an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

After spending years working in the financial arena, Torrey’s life experiences and desire to do more to make a difference in people’s lives directly has led him to this work.

Several years ago, Torrey returned to school for a Master’s Degree in Counseling while he was engaged in volunteer religious work, all of which launched him into working closely with teens and couples with various life challenges.

He has worked with youth and adults, including some time as a youth religion instructor and adult training in the business world.

A Utah native, Torrey lives in Lehi with his wife of 16 years and four children. They enjoy music, photography, family vacations, college and family sports, and anything that helps them to have fun together.

Many hours of work with youth and adults have led Torrey to have a particular focus on sexual addiction and the impact that has on individuals and families.

This work encompasses all aspects of one’s life. Thus, Torrey’s mission is to promote holistic healing for those who are recovering from dependent and compulsive behavior and the people who are close to them.


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