What Do I Do When You Have so Much Sexual Energy?

sex drive

There are some people who have a much more active sex drive than others. They’re far more inclined to be looking for sexual experiences. We’re naturally wired in our brains and our physical bodies for sexuality.

Something we often talk about is simply being able to engage in behaviors that we are finding as being in alignment with our value-system and also our responsibilities.

In other words, if we have a significant other with whom we have a sexual relationship, certainly engaging in that kind of an intimate relationship can be a healthy behavior in terms of being able to experience the sexual drive or act on that sexual drive that we’re experiencing.

There are other behaviors that we can start to implement in our lives that are very helpful. One of the number 1 things that we like to talk about is acceptance of if ‘IT’. Being able to say,

“Hey it’s great that my body’s working. It’s great that I have a sexual instinct that is strong and healthy and powerful. Isn’t that wonderful that I’m wired that way and I’m able to feel that. And my body’s working the way it was designed to work.”

Acceptance of ‘IT’ is one of the most important things we can do with our sexuality. We can feel a lot of positive emotions if we accept ‘IT’ in that way.

The second thing would be other healthy non-sexual behaviors that can be rewarding in other ways. Finding ways to connect with people in a non-sexual way can be very rewarding, it can help us to be able to balance the on-going sexual drive that we do experience. Connecting with other people, finding other activities that are rewarding to us in healthy ways that are acceptable, and that we feel good about as a way to balance out those sexual-drive experiences.

Managing Your Thoughts


It’s kind of interesting because if you sit and think about something all the time, it essentially becomes everything that you do. Right?

If that’s all you think about, it’s front and center in your mind all the time, and it can be a bigger challenge. Whereas, if it’s not something that you’ve always focused on, it can be better managed. You know what the truth is, when we work with someone who is trying to recover from addiction, we talk about a lot of different things.

We don’t just talk about the addictive behavior because there are other things that are relevant in that person’s life. We think you will be able to say, well “Yeah, sexual drive is a big part of who I am, but it’s not all I am”.

There are other aspects of your life that you can focus on and be rewarded by. You could talk through different ways to do that, this could be very helpful.