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Dallin Schenk


What You'll Learn About Dallin Schenk

Dallin Schenk is Committed to Teens & Adults

As a Mental Health Counselor, Dallin Schenk values and appreciates the importance of Mental Health.

He enjoys working with adolescents and adults who struggle with any kind of mental health challenge.

Regardless of our past experiences, Dallin believes each person has the innate capacity to grow and become a better version of ourselves.

In his sessions, he seeks to extend a non-judgmental and empathetic listening ear. 

Wants to Be a Guide For You

Dallin does NOT approach therapy with a checklist.

His goal is to let the client set their goals and go at their own pace because.

He believes that mental health challenges are related to our inability to control things.

Giving the client the opportunity to control the structure of the sessions can be a big step in that direction.

Rather than implementing an agenda, Dallin wants to be a source of support and act as a guide to help his clients gain their own insight about their difficult situation.

The ultimate goal is to accept the limitations of what we can’t change and maximize the things we can change in our situation.

Helps You Accept Emotions

A lot of things happen in our lives that are out of our control (death, illness, family situation, etc.).

These difficult challenges that life will inevitably throw our way, can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, shameful, hopeless, and powerless.

If we can learn to accept our situations, we can better identify the changes we can and can’t make within our situations.

Change of any kind starts by first accepting our starting point. 

Realize Emotions Are Not The Enemy

Dallin believes that emotions are part of the human condition and should not be viewed as the problem.

We should not be ashamed of how we’re coping with our emotions.

How we respond to our emotions is of more importance.

By accepting our situation which includes our emotions, we can chip away at the shame we so easily put on ourselves. 


Lets face it, who likes to talk about their crap with other people? 

If you’re like most clients, you’re used to being judged despite hearing so many people talk about non judgment and when you do open up, it seems like the more you share, the less likely you are to get compassion. 

We’ve worked our butts off to create a clinic where the unfiltered, real you, can show up and heal, so dammit give therapy a chance

We love the unfiltered real you, let’s heal together. – Utah Family Therapy Team