Meet Your Team

Utah Family Therapy Team of Trauma Therapists, Mentors & Leaders

Cyndy Garrison MFT
Cyndy Garrison
Marriage and Family Therapist

Cyndy loves working with families and helping them restructure a healthy system.

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Kristy Grass MFT
Kristy Grass
Marriage and Family Therapist

Kristy loves helping children with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.
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Haylee Heyn
Haylee Heyn
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Haylee loves helping couples build communication skills and reconnect in a loving compassionate way.
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Jeff Hicken
Jeff Hicken
Marriage Family Therapist

Jeff loves helping individuals with Crisis of Faith.
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Catherine Lunt
Marriage Family Therapist
Certified Family Life Educator
Matthew Montaño
Marriage and Family Therapist

Matthew loves helping families with relationship and social issues. One of his favorite sayings is, “Peace & Pineapples” because he wants to help you gain peace.
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Brad Tanner
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Life can be hard you’ve been knocked down and you don’t know what to do. You want to live a happy life, there’s hope!

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Katie Winn
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Katie loves working with couples. She tries to take a very nonjudgmental approach in her therapeutic process.
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Robert Robison - Motivational Addiction Speaker
Robert S. Robison
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

How do you connect with someone younger than you?
Be a kid yourself.

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Jennie Robison
Insurance Liaison

From her first job as a teenager, to present, Jennie has always sought opportunities to serve others in her vocational pursuits.
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Tony Rhoton
Vice President & Co-founder

You most likely will never see Tony because he works behind the scene by networking, building relationships, marketing, running the website and more. Tony has a passion for helping people and watching them succeed.
“The more people know about Utah Family Therapy, the more people we can help” 🙂