Suicide Is Happening More Among Youth In Utah County

Helping Teenagers Is Our Focus And Should Be Yours Too

One of the most common questions we get in our office is …

“How Do I Help My Teenager With Suicidal Thoughts?”

YES is focused on helping you and your teenagers process through the pain and stress of life, which may cause suicidal thoughts, or even cutting.

You may be thinking, “I must have done something wrong, why would my child even consider suicide?”

… first of all …

It is NOT your fault.

Everyone has their own choice to act or behave however they choose.

With that said, it is so important to arm yourself with the tools to help your child.

We know there are thousands and thousands of “How to’s … “

There are a lot of good ones but there is also a lot of bad, bad, bad advice that has been perpetuated over and over again.

We help you discover a new way of connecting, disciplining and overall improving your relationship.

… to good to be true!

I know you are thinking there is no way that this is true.

I have read this book and that book. I have done this and that and it just does not work!

My child is different.

We can understand your skepticism all we ask is for you to try us. It will not cost you anything. Below is an opportunity to learn more about our philosophy and try it in your own life … FREE!

Yes you read that right, you can join our Parents course for FREE. Right now there are 2 different modules, with 10 sessions. Just enter your information below and you will get immediate access.

We want to help you, join us today and learn the code, The Parents Code!

“My anxiety just melts away when I come here.” – J.P.

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