Gain Power over Porn and Other Compulsions

EMPOWER outpatient recovery program was created for you. We help men live without Shame improve their life, marriage and strengthen relationships; Porn Kills Love, If You Let It, so we don’t.

outpatient program

Empower for Men is a 6 Month, Group-Focused, Outpatient Recovery Program for Adult Men Struggling with Pornography and other Technology Compulsions.

EMPOWER for Men is for married and single men.


EMPOWER focuses on connection, compassion, love and personal and family empowerment as the methods of healing from Pornography, Social Media, Gaming, and other Technology Related Compulsions.

We know porn can be consuming and destructive. Let us help you reconnect and heal. Helping you heal is what we do at Utah Family Therapy, and we love doing it!

Reconnect and Heal Together

EMPOWER’s Difference

Many therapists, men’s groups, and other porn recovery programs approach recovery by hyper-focusing on trying to change one behavior, “Stop Looking at Porn.” Of course, that’s a noble goal! But, feelings of failure, shame, and defeat dominate when struggling. This fight for recovery has you feeling hopeless, exhausted and lacking any solutions.

Of course, everyone wants to quit porn, but fear, shame, and punishments only create short-term results. These short-term compliance methods create a false comfort that “the struggle with porn is fixed.”

Therefore, the struggle with pornography leaves you scared and feeling hopeless when a slip happens, again, and again.

Feel confident and full of hope again.

You are not alone in this journey and we know how to help you.

There are probably a thousand questions you would like answered and we would gladly help you. Call us today to schedule an assessment or a free 15 min. phone consultation with one of our therapists.

Together you can accomplish anything.

Utah Family Therapy is located in American Fork, Utah and is helping men struggling with porn find hope and healing, call 801.901.0279.