Shannon White

Shannon White MFT

Shannon White

Marriage and Family Therapist



Shannon White, Using Play in Therapy

Parenting is a challenge. Being the mother of teenagers, Shannon understands the frustration and struggles that occur every day. She knows that sharing a special moment with your child can change everything and remind you of why you wanted to have a family.

Shannon loves working with families to develop a more profound, more meaningful attachment even better. By experiencing each other in a new way that will allow you to have the family that you always wanted.

She grew up with a single mother and her two siblings on the east coast. Having experienced the stress of daily life, Shannon understands the pressures of children, adolescents and parents in everyday life.

Between housework, social media, sports games, dance practice, and homework…being a family can get lost.  Sometimes it is difficult to stop and smell the flowers. She works with your children to help you find balance in life.

Worst Part of Parenting

Watching your kids struggle and not knowing how to help is the worst part of being a parent. Dealing with divorce, loss of a parent or loved one or any other traumatic event can cause families to become distant and fall apart. Shannon works with you and can help you and your child connect and heal through the power of using play in therapy. She loves to work with your family to create more fulfilling and healthier relationships.

Shannon finds truth in the words of Gaea (Thor’s mom on Asgaard)

“Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be, the measure of a person is how well they succeed at being who they are”

Playing is not just for kids; it’s for the entire family. Experience the Utah Family Therapy difference and have fun healing.

Shannon loves working with children as young as toddler age to teenagers.

You can schedule an appointment with Shannon White by calling 801.901.0279