taylor lamont

Taylor LaMont

Marriage, Family Therapist

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Taylor LaMont Marriage & Family Therapist

When it comes to having a personal and positive mindset, Taylor LaMont believes it is crucial to be “always grateful, but never satisfied.” Thus, opening the door for positivity, and possibility in one’s life. 

Anxiety, Depression & Trauma

Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, or processing trauma, Taylor’s dedication and experience create a confident path to finding peace and happiness that life can bring each day. 

As one of Utah Family Therapy’s youngest therapists, Taylor’s youth clients are quick to recognize his passion for and ability to reach and understand them on a personal level. 

Working w/ Youth

As a teenager, Taylor experienced firsthand the trauma of losing a loved one but also felt the deep level of healing that comes through both individual and group therapy. 

His experiences are one of the many reasons Taylor loves working with and helping adolescent youth who need help just like he did.  

Optimism is a strong force that drives Taylor as he creates a safe and present space for each of his patients to ensure they feel heard and understood. 

He is widely known for his ability to build meaningful and sincere relationships with others that spark a real connection and instills hope in those who are struggling to find it for themselves.