Matthew Montano

Matthew Montaño

Marriage Family Therapist

What You'll Learn About Matthew Montano

Matthew Montano EMDR Trauma Therapist

Are you struggling with the debate of religion? Matthew Montaño’s background gives him a unique perspective on life. He comes from a very diverse family of Mexican and Native American cultures as well as varying religious backgrounds.  

Although he is currently a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he grew up Catholic. He is very a-tune to different beliefs and the questions that arise in the debate of religion.

By advising and counseling his peers, his passion for helping others through therapy grew. Matthew has always had a passion for assisting others in getting through stressful situations. 

As he was growing up, he was the “go-to source” for many of his friends who were dealing with family, relationship, or social issues.  He took his passion further by dedicating himself to become a Marriage and Family Therapist to help you.

Being in tune with his intuition, Matthew followed it and developed two programs for individuals who are dealing with pornography addictions.

EMDR Therapy

Matthew is an EMDR therapist, and he loves helping men, women, and children that have experienced trauma in their life. Trauma can come in many forms. 

He loves connecting with his clients and watching the healing process that takes place through the therapy process.

  • abuse
  • military experience
  • a cheating partner
  • death
  • dog attack
  • car accident
  • a difficult breakup
  • a trusted friend or business partner who betrays you
  • and more.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which has been approved by the Veterans Association can help people with trauma.

Couples Therapy

One thing that has become extremely apparent is Matthew’s passion to help couples reconnect. Using the Gottman Method, he has helped many couples form a meaningful renewed relationship.

He enjoys helping couples discover the love they have for each other but in a fun and meaningful way. It doesn’t matter the conflict, money, time, intimacy, Matthew may be able to help you in the resolution process.

Therapy Dog

Matthew noticed the power of animals in his life and wanted to implement them in his therapy. Meet Sequoia, a licensed therapy dog.

therapy dog

Sequoia, a licensed therapy dog.

“I’ve always loved animals and especially when it comes to helping me relax. I knew Sequoia would a great addition to my family and clients.” – Matthew Montaño