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Why You Should Invest In Pornography Addiction Treatment

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Hi, my name is Robert Robinson, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Pornography Addiction

Why should I take time and money and resources for myself? That question is something we hear in our office all the time as therapists.

Your Loved Ones Are Still With You

Now, think about this: if you have a loved one, think of the person that you love most in your life: might be a child, might be a sibling, might be a parent; if they came to you and they said something like:

“Hey, I have got something that is just eating me up. It is destroying my life. I need some help, and I need some money. I need someone to help me through this process.”

You would jump to their aid, you would spend hundreds of dollars to help them. I have parents who bring their teens in here and say do whatever you have to do to help me, to help my son or daughter, and they will spend hundreds of dollars for therapy for their children.

When We Are The Addict

When we are the individual going through these issues: pornography addiction, sexual addictions, drug addiction, in our lives; we start to develop a lot of shame, a lot of resent towards our self. We want to think that we can just do it; that we can just watch some video or do some miraculous thing and we will never do it again, but how many times have you done that? How many times have you prayed, pleaded or promised that you would never do this again and then returned to it? The fact is, you need to heal.

Many people do not feel like they are worth it, but you are worth it. Every human being is worth taking care of their life and living a healthy life. The fact is, you have a limbic system. This part of the brain that has become addicted to pornography or other sexual type behaviors. Your pre-frontal screams at you to stop these things, but you haven’t been able to because there are millions of connections in your brain that have taught the pre-frontal to shut down.

What one has to do?

What one has to do and what studies are showing is that addiction is a healing process. It is not just a one-time event where some promise is made, and you never do it again. There might be a couple miracle stories out there, in fact, I have heard a couple, but I have also worked with hundreds of clients who go through this struggle.

If I knew a miracle, I would be the first one to tell them to do it.

Yes, there is spirituality and religion, and it is all part of your healing process. It is important.

The fact is, you have to get to a place where you are willing to spend the time and the resources on yourself to do this, or you are not going to heal, and you are not going to get better.

We have seen hundreds of people find this hope and sobriety that they are looking for by taking that step and moving forward.

We encourage you to get the help you need to recover from porn addiction you can heal.

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