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Counseling Adolescents Struggling with Pornography Addiction.

Today, there are many, many adolescents who suffer with this addiction. In fact, according to many studies, it is more likely that the average male adolescent does struggle with a pornography addiction than that he doesn’t.

“Boys will be boys”? and now “Girls will be girls”? Absolutely not.

Such a viewpoint is absurd and so far from the truth it hardly bares the worthiness to be mentioned. Pornography is an extremely unhealthy use of sexuality. It is not simply a stimulating pastime nor a recreational activity, it is a life-altering source of addiction and suffering that is in many aspects more harmful than cocaine itself.

That’s right. For those unaware of the studies, this may sound outlandish, but is certainly true.

Pornography is shown to be more addictive than cocaine. It creates a higher dependency and longer lasting cravings and difficulty of recovery. It alters brain chemistry and forms habits in more drastic ways than almost any illegal drug. In addition, cocaine is shown to damage 3 parts of the brain while pornography damages 5.

“Cocaine is shown to damage 3 parts of the brain while pornography damages 5”

Cocaine Damages 3 Regions Of The Brain
Cocaine damages 3 parts of the brain and pornography damages 5 parts.

Pornography is the new age addiction. It is rampant and it is poisoning relationships, families, and homes across the globe.

So, what are we to do about it?

What if you do know of the harm that pornography creates and you have a child of your own that is caught up in it?

What if you are extremely concerned for their well-being and you just want them to be able to be clean and happy?

What if they want the same thing but feel like they can’t escape?

As harmful and insidious as pornography is, your adolescent can recover.

We have been part of the healing process for many adolescents already. There is a way out. Your child can overcome and without a doubt move onto a life of sobriety and happiness, one in which they have a very meaningful and deep relationship with their future wife or husband and also care very deeply for their children.

The amazing thing is that the brain can heal; it can form new habits to replace the old ones.

Is it easy? Certainly not.

But with the right tools and forces on their side, your child can begin taking the steps to wholehearted living and a life of sobriety. Addiction can be overcome and left in the past; but first off, your child needs to know how that works. We can teach them and guide them through this process. We do not simply tell your child “well just tell yourself you’re not gonna’ do it and stop!”…This does nothing. In fact, it makes it worse. Each time an addict tells themselves “I’m not gonna’ do that”, guess what they’re focusing on and contemplating?…”That”. It doesn’t work like this.

Because there are millions that struggle with this addiction, we have built a program for adolescents specifically for pornography addiction. Counseling for adolescents on issues like this takes time; it takes learning and it takes dedication. But once your child begins to get a glimpse of the life of sobriety they can lead, they will become more and more motivated to achieve that life every single day.

Here are a few components of our Recovery Program:

  • Recovery Program
     Pause a moment and notice the components of a good recovery program.

    Motivations: We will help your child build a system of motives and meanings for them to focus upon to begin working through their addiction. We will figure out what personally motivates them in life and help them see how sobriety will help them achieve it.

  • Worthiness: Addiction always has its source rooted in an overall belief that “I’m not good enough.” This is shame. While this is related to the addiction itself, more so it has to do with everything with the person’s own view of themselves and their self-acceptance. We go about working through these things on a daily basis with your child and helping them develop a new mindset and perspective of themselves and life.
  • Shame-resilience: The largest part of feelings of unworthiness is shame. If we do not understand how to work through shame effectively within our own minds and in close relationships, it can wreak havoc on our minds, our behaviors, and our live. Our job as counselors and mentors is to teach your child how to build up an ability to deal with shame in a healthy way, rather than letting it tear them down and lead them to attempt to cope through unhealthy and unwanted behaviors.
  • Relationship ties and family dynamics: Our favorite type of therapy is Intensive Network Therapy. INT brings in the entire family and helps parents, siblings, and even extended family go about building new structure for the child who is struggling. This can make a world of difference, as at times what a child really needs is genuine love, empathy, and connection from a parent or sibling that they weren’t getting previously.

These are a few of the components that we will work with your adolescent on in counseling.

Our programs are personalized and flexible, there to be whatever is the best fit for you and your child. We prefer to get the family involved as a support system for your child, which is what our Intensive Network Therapy option is all about. INT is an Intensive Outpatient Program that is far less expensive than wilderness or residential and has been shown to be far more effective in most cases.

Many times, adolescents that struggle with addiction are suffering in part because of some imbalances that are occurring in the home and family structure. None of us are perfect parents, ourselves included, but we can help you and your family make some real leaps and bounds in developing more healthy connections with one another to enable healing, honesty, and dependability.

There are many other factors of course, which is why we carry out a personalized assessment with you and your child in our first meeting. We want the best for your child and for you, and we are here to help any way we can.

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