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Overcome Internet Porn Addiction

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How do you overcome internet pornography addiction?

The age old question that everyone, young, old, male, female, rich and poor asks, “How do I overcome internet pornography addiction?

This is a broad question, but one that’s very, very important to address.

Overcome internet pornography

Overcoming internet pornography is a unique process. Not because of the addiction itself, it’s something that we haven’t really learned much about. We have learned a lot about addiction in general.

The nature of internet pornography is unique in terms of the ability to promote an extreme response in the brain. Internet pornography has several factors that cause it to be very unique in its addiction:

  1. It’s always available and accessible.
    You can access it, as I said, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and you can do so anonymously and without limitation.
  2. It’s anonymous.
  3. There’s such a huge variety that is available.
    For all intents and purposes, anything that you can imagine is available on the internet in a sexual, pornographic way.

Perfect Poison

Because you can access pornography anytime, anywhere, we refer to it as the perfect poison. It’s so powerful and so prevalent, it can evoke such a tremendously powerful response in the brain, that it becomes an addictive behavior.

The process of overcoming Internet Pornography Addiction, it’s a very in-depth answer. There are certain components that are similar for all people but there are many components that are going to be very different for everybody.

Something that is definitely, directly involved in overcoming internet pornography, is finding ways to manage the intense triggers that come. You need to be able to address those so that you find other healthy behaviors.

Managing Addictive Behavior

Stop Internet Pornography Addiction
Discovering the principles behind stopping an addiction, is critical.

Managing addictive behavior becomes a process of vigilance or careful watch. If you’re vigilant and you know that it is something that can easily be acted upon, you’ll have to find a way, usually with some help, to be able to manage those intense triggers; because they will come.

Managing the addictive behavior involves recognizing triggers, recognizing circumstances in which the triggers are more likely to have impact on you.

Which leads into the second question, which is frequently asked,

‘How can I replace the behavior?’

One of the important ideas around recovery is that there’s not really a true replacement for something as profoundly effective as internet pornography, in terms of the impact it has on the brain.

Instead of replacement, look at, What can I do to enable myself to be okay with more natural chemical responses in my brain?’, instead of trying to seek out something that has the equivalent of a dopamine rush like drugs.

Instead of trying to say I’m going to try and replace that, I would look at the idea of, ‘What can I do to help my brain start to be okay with a normal amount of dopamine in my life, with normal behaviors such as a natural sexual experience with my spouse?’

Learning to be okay with these kinds of responses is a very long process when you’re accustomed to the power of internet pornography. The idea of a replacement factor really isn’t there because it’s has such a tremendously powerful effect on your brain.

Your brain can heal from the increased dopamine rushes that you are used too. You can heal from the need, desire and the urging for such a high chemical response to the point where you feel like you can manage, feel peaceful, and content with the more natural and normal kinds of chemical responses that happen through normal daily activities.

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