Living w/ Addiction

Living with an addiction “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!” – The Eagles, Hotel California Whenever we hear that someone is battling an addiction, our first thought may be “Just stop.”  Other times it might be “How could they let, it get so bad?”  Those who battle with […]

Perfection Depression

Just Perfect Can Be Just Enough We have all known that person who needs things to be just perfect! Maybe you are that person, someone struggling with perfectionism and feelings of doubt and depression when you don’t meet the standards you have set for yourself. One problem with perfectionism is the constant feeling of failure. […]

Finding A Therapist

When looking for a therapist, what should you look for? The multitudes of therapists out there is staggering. How do you know which therapist you should go to? There are several things you should look for when trying to find the right therapist: 1. Connection Connecting with a therapist is critical. You or your loved […]

Support Addicted Spouse


[gdlr_notification icon=”icon-flag” type=”color-background” background=”#99d15e” color=”#ffffff”]We support men, women and children struggling with pornography addiction. This question was from a woman who was looking for help for her husband. This question is written with the verbiage to support him but is the same to help men and women.[/gdlr_notification] Husbands an Addict How Can I Support Him […]

Overcome Addiction Despite Relapse


Overcoming Addiction – How to Heal Despite Relapse [canvakala-video src=”″] Three months ago I thought I was over this. I was, it turns out, way too confident, arrogant about in fact. Then I had a fall back, a bad one. I got caught, my marriage was severely strained. I am now clean, but nowhere as […]

Help My Husband

help husband

How can I help my husband realize that he’s great despite his addiction? We were so excited when this question came through because generally, the questions we receive are: How do I help my husband realize that he needs help? Should I leave him? Why don’t they realize this hurts me so bad? Your husband, is struggling with […]

Improving Focus Meditation

Meditation How to Improve Focus What I’m going to teach you right now should be taught in all of our schools from kindergarten on up, and it’s how to watch your thoughts this is very simple. Here’s the process:  Memorize a very powerful verse, of scripture, a poem, a positive affirmation- something that’s very personal and […]

Sexual Energy – What Do I Do


What Do I Do When You Have so Much Sexual Energy? There are some people who have a much more active sex drive than others. They’re far more inclined to be looking for sexual experiences. We’re naturally wired in our brains and our physical bodies for sexuality. Something we often talk about is simply being able to engage […]