The Power of Love

We now know that the chemical changes in parts of the brain when you’re in love are equal to that of heroin doses or high cocaine doses, so you kind of know If you have to ask if you’re in love, you’re not, Deak said.

Many other psychology studies and brain scan studies have found the same thing.

Romantic love is essentially an elevated activity of the reward hormone dopamine in the brain.

The team showed each person a neutral photo and then a photo of the person they loved.

One of the brain regions that became active when each person looked at a photo of their partner is the reward system in the brain the same region that lights up when a person takes drugs like cocaine or has an orgasm.

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The reason we liked this article was that it shows the power of love and the power of sexuality. Sexuality is built into us from babes. We need it. We can’t survive without it and this is why pornography can be so destructive, it injects us with a false sense of love. Pornography can distort what true love is. The power of love is real and is really powerful when we keep the proper boundaries.

When a loved one is struggling, we want to do everything we can to help them. The problem we experience is that we feel like we need to or should fix them and that’s what they want. We have worked with hundreds of teens, young adults and their families and the one thing in common are they just want to be loved for who they are. They want to know that someone cares, not to try to fix them, but to accept them for who they are.

As a parent, this can be extremely difficult but crucial. I have personally seen lives change because they knew they were loved. I have seen children who left their families because of hurt feelings, return. Love can heal all things through time.

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