Utah Family Therapy accepts Medicaid Insurance for Intensive Outpatient Therapy Programs

Providing more insurance options for you and your mental health healing. Utah Family Therapy accepts Medicaid Insurance for our Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program.

If you have Medicaid mental health and have been looking for intensive therapy for trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, we can help.

Our insurance liaison will help you know what is covered and the best care we can provide with the services we offer. We want to help you; therefore, contact our insurance liaison, Jennie, she can help you. Jennie has been working with Medicaid to help understand the coverage and benefits they provide. She will work with you to determine what benefits you have and how you can get the most healing with those benefits.

Mental Health Teletherapy

If you have Medicaid and you’re seeking an intensive outpatient program for anxiety, depression, or Trauma, we can help you start healing.

Utah Family Therapy offers many options for insurance coverage. Our approach is unique and full of compassion. One thing that makes us stand out is our desire to connect with you, you’re not just a number here. We are your mental health healing team. We are eager and ready to help you.

Insurance can be extremely complicated and frustrating, therefore, let us help you, call Jennie today and get the managed care that you need. It’s easy to get the healing you need call 801.901.0279.

Have Questions About Medicaid, Call Utah Family Therapy Today, 801.901.0279.

See our health insurance page to see the different health insurance plans we accept.

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