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Your Empowering Solutions Team of Therapists, Mentors & Leaders

Robert Robison - Motivational Addiction Speaker
Robert S. Robison
President, Director
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

How do you connect with someone younger than you? Be A kid yourself.

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Torrey Harmon Utah County Therapist
Torrey Harmon
Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Torrey’s central passions in life is to help people, hence why he has left the financial institution behind.

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jonathan erbe
Jonathan Erbe
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

“Just let me help the kids” the only request made before joining our team.

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Katie Winn
Licensed Associate
Marriage & Family Therapist

Katie loves working with couples. She tries to take a very nonjudgmental approach in her therapeutic process.
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Brad Tanner
Licensed Associate
Marriage Family Therapist

Sometimes life can be hard. I know that at times you may have felt feel like you have been knocked down so many times you don’t want to get up anymore. You want to live a happy live but just don’t know what to do. I want you to know that there is hope!

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Tanner Melior
Youth Mentor

I believe that everyone has an amazing amount of potential to do good, and be good. The power is already in us to change and become what we want to become in life.
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yes clinics brain
Tony Rhoton
Vice President Co-founder
Marketing & Business Development

The brains behind YES, Tony has a passion for helping people anonymously, so he stays behind the scenes. 🙂
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Jennie Robison
Insurance Liaison

From her first job as a teenager, to present, Jennie has always sought opportunities to serve others in her vocational pursuits.
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