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Robert Robison - Motivational Addiction Speaker

Robert S. Robison

President, LMFT



Utah Family Therapy, Individual, Couples Therapy for Porn & OCD

Robert S. Robison, MBA, LMFT

“I lived 25 years of life suffering inside, unsure of how to cope and feeling judged. Putting on a front of perfectionism to hide the deep internal turmoil. I have experienced the fear of opening up to others and being judged, many times feeling a confirmation of self-loathing.  What is wrong with me, would often ring in my head. I wanted to change but felt trapped and scared. Church leaders and other mentors seemed to try but often created deeper shame. Trying to heal became a lonely and hidden journey. Why open up if I will be judged?

17 years ago I met a therapist who baffled me! I didn’t feel judged based on my behaviors. He helped me understand my brain and why IT thought and felt the way IT did. He loved me with all my flaws and modeled true empathy and compassion. You see, I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and was driven by undiagnosed anxiety and various compulsions. I was scared and didn’t know why my brain felt the way it did so many times.”

As you get to know “Rob,” you quickly realize his journey in the world of therapeutic healing is not traditional. His mission is to help thousands of youth and young adults find sobriety, stability, and direction in their lives. He left a fast-paced business career due to his passion for helping addicts heal.

Rob is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in American Fork, Utah, trained to work with troubled youth, young adults, and their families in today’s current addictive issues: Pornography, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and ever-increasing Immersive Technology Addictions.

Rob is the President and CEO of Utah Family Therapy

Rob’s previous business ventures in retail, coaching and consulting give him unique skill sets in motivation and positive life-changing techniques. Rob’s experiences as a college professor, employing youth, and a short stint as an improv comedian help him connect with youth quickly.

Six years ago, Rob turned 180 degrees in his career as he witnessed so many young people getting caught in the onslaught of current addictive trends; becoming stuck, confused, and scared.

After spending hundreds of hours working with families, couples, various high risk-addicted teens, and adults; Rob realized his mission was to educate and help 1000s of youth and their families change the conversation and outcomes so many addicted adults wish they would have had when younger.

Recently, Rob has put a lot of focus on helping teenagers and young adults experiencing Same-Sex Attraction, Gay and Lesbian attraction. Learning to have difficult conversations within families can be daunting for young LGBT teens, and Rob specializes in helping teens and families connect with love and compassion.

Rob sees the need to help youth now, instead of waiting until they are adults, Rob focuses on helping teenagers and young adults.

“I love working with individuals with OCD, using powerful acceptance techniques with Cognitive Behavioral strategies. I have developed a Matrix Healing Model that I use with the clients that I hope will be as profound to you as it has been to me and many other clients.” – Robert Robison

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