Rob Robison

Robert Robison - Motivational Addiction Speaker

Rob Robison

President, LMFT



Utah Family Therapy, Individual, Couples Therapy for Porn, OCD, Anxiety, and Trauma

Robert S. Robison, MBA, LMFT

Trying to heal can be a lonely and hidden journey. Why open up if we will be judged or condemned? 17 years ago, I met a therapist who baffled me! He didn’t judge and I knew he genuinely cared. I felt it! He showed genuine compassion despite my flaws and modeled true empathy. I felt heard and healing seemed possible! Healing became a passion, it felt contagious.

As you get to know Robert, aka “Rob,” you’ll quickly see his passion for healing. Helping others feel safe, heard, understood and non-judged. He left a business career after getting his MBA, to get a 2nd Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Ten years ago, Rob’s therapy internships were focused on working with teens and their families. Much of Rob’s work was in developing and improving addiction systems, much of which focused on pornography recovery.

He developed the EMPOWER Programs, recovery systems geared to helping heal compulsive behaviors for teens and adults in Pornography, and ever-increasing Immersive Technology Addictions. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and other Anxiety Disorders are also part of Rob’s specialties.

Rob Starts Utah Family Therapy

Feeling the deep need to help others and with his business partner, Rob opened up Utah Family Therapy so he could hire equally passionate individuals and help more people.

Rob also helps teenagers and young adults experiencing Same-Sex Attraction, Gay and Lesbian attraction. Learning to have difficult conversations within families can be daunting for young LGBTQ teens, and Rob specializes in helping teens and families connect with love and compassion.

“I love working with individuals with Compulsions, OCD, ADD or Anxiety using powerful acceptance techniques with Cognitive Behavioral strategies. I have developed a Matrix Healing Model that I hope will be as profound to you as it has been to me and many other clients.” – Robert Robison

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