This page was created in response to an article we wrote about Addiction Relapse Prevention.

Addiction Relapse Plan Outline

I talked with a young lady that has created a Crisis Plan for her depression and I thought it was simply amazing and thorough. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this would be perfect to add to this article.

Here’s the outline of her ‘Crisis Plan’ or in this case a ‘Relapse Prevention Plan‘:

  •  Lifestyle actions to stay well:
    • Create a List of Ongoing Items
    • Create Action items
  • Triggers and Stressors:
    • Behaviors, situations, people, places, and circumstances that put me at emotional risk:
  • Preventative Behaviors
    • Actions I will take to avoid my triggers:
  • Early Warning Signs
    • My behavior signals that show I’m growing more at risk:
      • Thoughts…
      • Feelings…
      • Behavior…
  • My Coping Skills
    • Actions I will take to be calm if I develop early warning signs:
  • What others can do to help:
  • What others can say to help:
  • What I will do in a crisis situation
  • Use all coping skill strategies.
  • Clearly communicate to others …
  • Crisis Action Plan
    • If I seem prone to relapse:
  • “When should I call? I will call you in 1 hour.”
  • If I have relapsed: (steps others should take)
  • People to contact for help:
  • Actions I agree others may take if I refuse to use coping skills and I am in danger of a relapse.
  • My Treating Health Professionals:
  • Maintenance Medications:

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