Title: Universal Addiction Treatment Manual Explained


Being in the field for a long time, and since we created YES we focused specifically on pornography addiction, but in that period of time we’ve had many, many people throughout the world contact us about,

So we’ve created, with the exact same principles that we use with pornography addiction recovery, a universal addiction treatment system.

All addictions work on the same area of the brain, it’s the same thing.

Addiction Treatment Manual


The universal addiction treatment system is, the manual if you’re struggling with gambling, any type of substance use disorder, food, anything that can file into the addictive range.

This manual will provide answers and directions for you as you continue to move forward.

Addiction treatment, we believe is essentially all treated the same way, it starts in healing the brain and recognizing that you don’t need the drug of choice for survival.

You may have trained yourself to use porn, alcohol, gambling, etc… as a survival mechanism but the truth is YOU DON’T NEED IT! You may think you need it but you don’t.

The next time you have the desire to take a drink, don’t do it and you will realize that you did not die, why?

We don’t need what we don’t need. We have only trained our brains, like Pavlov’s dogs, that we need it.