Meditation How to Improve Focus

What I’m going to teach you right now should be taught in all of our schools from kindergarten on up, and it’s how to watch your thoughts this is very simple.

meditation process
This process has been proven over many, many years.

Here’s the process: 

Memorize a very powerful verse, of scripture, a poem, a positive affirmation- something that’s very personal and powerful to you. All you do in this form of meditation is simply rehearse that for a specific period of time.

It’s not about getting in the lotus position or anything like that. It’s just finding a quiet place, striving not to be interrupted by other people, sitting in a chair and saying,

‘For five minutes, ten minutes (breathing) you’re just going to relax, breathe, strive to quiet your mind for a moment, and then you’re going to simply repeat your chosen verse in your mind.’

There are many great verses, if you were meditating on this verse, it goes like this:

‘But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up as with wings of eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.’

You would simply repeat it.

Go right back to the beginning, while you watch what’s happening in your mind. This is generally what happens: third time around, fourth time around, sometimes first time around, depends on how long you’d been doing it, you would be repeating it in your mind like this,

‘But they that wait upon the- How long have you been doing this?’

Notice your mind has drifted away from your memorized verse and you simply bring it right back to where you left off.

‘wait upon the Lord shall- you’re thirsty! You need a drink! ..wait upon the Lord shall- What’s on television tonight?… wait upon the Lord shall renew their…wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…’

All you do in this form of meditation is to notice your mind going off in different directions and you gently bring it back. You can tell in the example above, you do NOT react in frustration,

‘UGH! I can’t believe it. Why don’t you just leave me alone?!

You don’t control that part of the brain that says you need a drink or how long you have been doing this, your back hurts, you’re tired.’

You simply notice it and choose by the power of mental force to bring your mind back on task. You have the capacity to do this and not to give your attention to certain thoughts.

Meditation will help you find the healing you need from porn addiction and other mental health needs. Photo by: raincarnation40

Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the two wolves, you can Google it. It’s about a little native boy who talked to his grandfather saw the dilemma of two parts of himself; one was mean and nasty and saw these same traits in other little boys, and another was gentle and kind.

He went to his grandfather and said,

‘What’s going on with that?’ and his grandfather in wisdom says, ‘Well, there’s two wolves. There’s a dark wolf and a light wolf, and both of them are inside all of us.’ 

The little boy pleadingly looked to him and says,

‘Well which one will win?’ and the response simply was, ‘It all depends on which one you feed.’

As you move forward in your process of recovery, knowing what I just told you, is the foundation of everything.

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Here’s a video about the Indian Legend of the Two Wolves.

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