Haylee Heyn

Haylee Heyn

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist



Haylee Heyn, LMFT

As a marriage and family therapist, Haylee has had many years of experience working with couples. Haylee loves helping couples build communication skills and reconnect in a loving compassionate way. She uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to establish safety and trust between partners and help heal the hurt that can occur in every relationship.

Marriage can be tough at times, but Haylee firmly believes that it is worth the fight and that every couple has the potential to have a satisfying and happy marriage.


Haylee specializes in working with anxiety and depression. For many years she facilitated a women’s psychotherapy group to fight the distresses that come from anxiety and depression. She’s looking forward to starting up a women’s group at YES. If you would like to join the women’s group, please let us know.

With the rise in mental health issues among teens (anxiety and depression being at the top), Haylee has also worked a lot with this age group in her practice. She feels a genuine connection with these individuals. She has worked with teens in many different settings; coaching soccer to volunteering in religious youth groups. Haylee loves the energy that teens bring to a room. Anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming and insurmountable at times. Haylee is passionate about using love in her therapy with teens. Haylee provides teens with tools and guidance to live a fulfilling life. She helps them build confidence in who they are. The age of adolescence is a time of learning to navigate everyday challenges and working to move into the next stage of life successfully. It’s never too early to seek help.

Haylee’s Own Words

We asked Haylee to share a bit of her story, and this is what she said,

“After relentlessly watching Frozen with my three-year-old daughter when it first came out, I started noticing the wisdom that this sweet Disney movie had to offer. To quote the “love experts” in the movie Frozen, the trolls sing, “people make bad choices when they are mad or scared or stressed, but throw a little love their way, and you will bring out their best.

I have found through my experiences and many years of doing therapy, that using a loving approach is the best way to help people achieve this goal. I am very passionate about helping individuals, couples and families bring out their best, and help everyone to feel great about who they are and whom he or she wants to be.

Unfortunately, life, often, has a way of throwing a lot of stressful things at you, sometimes you experience hurt and trauma. You may feel bound by addictive behaviors. Facing a world of challenges and insecurities in your relationships; or experiencing what seems like more anxiety or depression than you can handle.

What I have found is that everyone has a story, and whether you respond with anger, or whether you live your life in fear, you have great potential. You have the capacity to live the life you desire to live and bring out the best in yourself. “

Some other areas of expertise that Haylee has:

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