Overcome lust

Overcome Lust

The possibility of overcoming lust does exist and is possible.

http://pornstinks.com – A frequent question from addicts is how can I overcome lust.

Lust is focused on the immediate and not the potential or the future. Learn how to delay gratification. A successful person is one who is able to master delayed gratification. This delayed gratification will help in all areas of life, including financial, emotional, career-wise, etc., and love.

If  you’re struggling with lustful feelings in groups or just on a casual walk down the street. There is a simple rule to implement into your life:

  • Look at everyone for just 2 seconds.
    The matter of attention that we give our thoughts is something we must focus on so right now look at each new person, but only for 2 seconds each – no matter what they look like. Then turn your eyes and focus to look at something else. Your constant awareness will take practice but will remind you that everyone is of worth. You can implement this same strategy when you’re online surfing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.: look at each profile picture in the News Feed for just 2 seconds. Try it today!

Think about your thoughts today, what have they been?

This practice of managing our thoughts and focusing our attention on other things, is something you should try, even if it is just today.

You may find it quite difficult but rewarding, once you can become a master of your thoughts.