Recovery Is A Process For All Mental Illness

If you’re struggling with mental illness or know someone that is, you know how frustrating it can be. There are a few mental illnesses that are affecting our society today is Porn Addiction, depression, anger, anxiety and more. Changing your behavior and improving your mental health is a process, not an event.

We have listed the process of change in order below:

  1. Denial
  2. Admittance
  3. Acceptance
  4. Surrender
  5. Action


Say no to porn.


First step to change is no longer denying it. You have to admit to yourself that you have an addiction … or a struggle that you need help with.

We have worked with so many people that, even in the wake of being arrested, deny they have a problem. You must get out of the denial phase first.


Now that you are no longer denying that you are struggling with porn addiction. You admit you have a problem but this is not enough, you have to go through the entire process of change which brings us to Acceptance.


You have stopped denying the fact that you are a porn addict and admitted that you need help. Now you accept this fact and you realize you need to do something about it, and you Surrender to getting help.

Sex Addiction Treatment
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You have reached this point of the change process where you are willing to do whatever it takes. You are willing to seek professional help, ecclesiastical help, etc…


Now that you are no longer denying it, you have admitted your struggling and accepted this fact and have surrendered to seeking the help you need, you must take action. You must actually call and schedule an appointment at 801.901.0279.

Learn more about our intensive outpatient program for mental health.

You must do all that you can do, in this change process.

We have seen individuals who have been addicted to porn for over 52 years, find healing. You’re not alone in this process.

We are here to help you … answer your questions … listen … whatever you may need.

We can help you, if you would like us too.

Utah Family Therapy is a place to start the change process and discover the tools and principles you will need.