Utah Family Therapy – Compassionate Counseling For Your Daughter

From the first time you held her in your arms, you knew your daughter was special.  From the time she was just a few months old, her smile could brighten any room she was in and lit up your heart with joy.  Slowly, over time you have seen some of that light dim…

There are many different reasons that your daughter could be struggling and may need some counseling. Professionals in the mental health field have seen a dramatic increase in young women struggling with Anxiety and Depression as well as with pornography and other sexual compulsions.  How can you help as a parent, and how can therapy be a key piece in putting the puzzle back together?

Pornography and other Sexual Compulsions

One way or another, like a train hitting you from behind, you may have learned that your daughter has been regularly viewing pornography or participating in other sexualized behaviors.  How can this be?  We assure you that you are not alone.

Society has generally seen pornography as something that only affects men.  But many studies, along with apparent cultural trends, are proving that an increasing percentage of women, especially young women, are seeking out and viewing pornographic material.*

Young women in particular experience high levels of shame in regards to pornography and other sexual compulsions.  Our non-shame-based approach is essential to helping her feel safe and willing to do the work required to get back to a place where she has the confidence and skills she needs to be her best self.

Anxiety Disorders and Depression

There has been a surge of media attention on the increase of teen depression and anxiety among young women today.  There is a wide range of factors that could contribute to this, but the bottom line is that anxiety and depression are treatable, and your daughter can reach a place where she has the skills to function and indeed thrive.   As a parent, you have the power to get your daughter therapeutic help at an early age which will make her journey easier to travel for the rest of her life!  We have therapists that specialize in helping youth navigate these troubled waters, whether related to something specific such as trauma, OCD, destructive behaviors; or the cause is not apparent,–we understand and know how to help.


As a parent, you want to protect your children.  There are many forces and situations that people can not control.  For countless reasons, your daughter may have been impacted by a traumatic experience that has hurt her and left her feeling, thinking, and possibly acting in ways that are not healthy or beneficial.  Despite all your best efforts, you know that she needs some extra help and guidance; perhaps you feel that you could use some advice as well to understand how you can help.  The first step is to reach out to caring, experienced professionals who believe in compassionate healing.

You love your daughter and want everything good and beautiful in life for her.  It is heart-wrenching to watch her struggle, and even harder to feel helpless and not know what you can do.

I want you to know there’s hope and help is available.  Together, we can walk with your daughter down the road to healing and recovery so she can live that beautiful life you’ve always imagined for her.

Healing trauma: Brainspotting and EMDR

* (https://www.josh.org/key-findings-in-landmark-pornography-study-released/)