Fight The New Drug

Is it just a catchy name or is there something really to Fight The New Drug?

I want to say they are the real deal. They are in this space not to make a ton of money but to help with a growing problem. Fight The New Drug is an amazing company and an amazing resource for teenagers…

Fight The New Drug (FTND) … (Catchy, hip, trendy … yep!)

FTND is there to help the teen population before teens delve into the world of porn.

FTND makes it completely possible stand up against pornography and be COOL!

This amazing company, which we have been talking with for many years is fantastic for youth struggling with pornography addiction. Clay Olsen, one of the founders of FTND is a man of conviction and dedication to helping teenagers that don’t have a place to turn to.

When I first started talking to Clay, I could see he had a vision but it was a vision beyond what he even thought.

I sat down with Clay today and we talked about what FTND is doing and where they are headed and all I can say is …

… WOW!

You just wait to see what 2015 will bring for this amazing company and for youth struggling with pornography addiction, they are a must use FREE resource.

FTND does not offer therapy or counseling but they offer an online accountability system that is the best in the industry and one that we will be incorporating with everything we do.

As an advocacy, awareness group to help young people realize the dangers of pornography. Fight the New Drug is also determined to be the go to service for knowledge and information regarding this, “New Drug” as they call it.

Fight the New Drug does not back down from attacking the sources of problems, like their recent open letter to Kim Kardashian for her pornographic pictures.

FTND openly confronts Kim’s willingness to bare it all.

They don’t use pornography or triggering images to promote what they are doing, as I mentioned in previous post.

They are legit and we highly recommend them for any teenager that needs help.

It is our honor and privilege to be associated with Fight The New Drug!

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