Does Fish Oil Help Porn Addiction?

Take Medication, Supplements?

Rob was asked a nutritional supplement question regarding pornography addiction. Although Rob could not answer this question since it deals with taking a substance and referred him to talk with his doctor. Rob shares his thoughts on taking medicine for mental health challenges.

When you’re looking at natural health things, I say consult someone who’s a professional in that area. I think things like that can help but I don’t have a medical, pharmaceutical background.

Chemical Imbalance

Sometimes additional help may be needed to bring you balance and that’s ok!

What I do know, is individuals who are chemically imbalanced and suffering from depression or other anxiety behaviors, may benefit from taking some medications.

For example, if someone is born and they don’t have the right serotonin levels, they do have medications that can help bring those serotonin levels back up. Often times, people look upon medications as,

‘…terrible things. I’m going to become addicted to it.’

While this may be true with some medications, there are certain medications that are meant to be non-addictive like SSRI’s or Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which help with clinical depression. SSRI’s help the serotonin levels stay in your brain longer before they absorb. It actually delays how quickly the serotonin absorbs.

Medication Shame

medication shame
Love yourself for who you are, get the help you need.

Often times, individuals feel so much shame having to do something to help their mental state, that’s out of their control, like having low serotonin.

Medication or Addiction

If you’re suffering from major depressive disorder and that’s playing into an addiction. We highly recommend, getting the depressive order under control. We can’t prescribe or suggest any medication to take, visit your doctor to see what options are available.

Natural Remedies

Find a doctor that has the natural health background you are seeking. I’ve had many, clients go to doctors with natural health backgrounds, and they’ve found solutions that prescription medications haven’t been able to help with.

Vice versa, I’ve had clients who have tried the natural health way, and then they’ve gone on a prescription-based SSRI, and that’s been the thing that’s really helped make a difference.

It’s not the same for every person and there’s no perfect science to it.

Second Opinion

second opinion medication
Highly recommend getting a second, third or more opinions.

We recommend getting a second opinion and consulting with more than one physician and/or consulting with more than one health specialist to really find what works for you.

If something’s not working, that doesn’t mean that you’re broken.

I was reading a book recently about depression and the man that writes it had a wife who was depressed for years. They had tried so many medications, so many health things: acupuncture, naturalistic, easternized medicines, all sorts of things and nothing worked.

Have Hope – Don’t Give Up!

They had lost hope years ago about ever really finding something that would work but they did not give up and they finally found a medication that was the one that helped her and it literally changed their lives as a couple.

Don’t give up trying to find your solution.

Don’t give up on your journey to find what works in balancing your serotonin levels. Which by the way, serotonin is our balancing chemical. With serotonin, we feel balanced. Without serotonin, we will go into unbalanced states:

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