Tony Rhoton

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Tony Rhoton

Vice President, Co-founder Utah Family Therapy



Tony Rhoton, Co-founder, Vice President

Tony Rhoton has been involved with InnerGold Counseling services and was instrumental in putting together the Online Treatment System that is helping people worldwide find healing.

Tony joined with Rob and is one of the founders of Utah Family Therapy. Tony’s focus on his design and marketing firm shifted over 6 years ago when he met Rob.

In Tony’s words …

“Rob approached me and said that there is a great system that is helping people truly find sobriety from addictions. Would you be willing to help me? After looking at the system, I immediately jumped on board.”

Tony worked with Gordon, founder of InnerGold and Rob to implement a Pornography Addiction Treatment System that is changing the lives of individuals worldwide.

Tony and Rob have joined in a new partnership to help people by creating systems for, families, couples, teens, and young adults. parents, teenagers, young adults, addicts, and loved ones.

Tony Rhoton continued on to say, “My goal and focus, besides my family, is to help millions of people worldwide find hope and healing from the vices of the world.”