Fearing What You’re Accustomed to Creates Anger “As I experience certain sensory input patterns my mental pathways become accustomed to them. The inputs eventually are anticipated and even missed when absent.” — Data, Star Trek: TNG As in any relationship, we find ourselves anticipating certain events and behaviors from ourselves and from our spouse. When...
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Living with Addiction

Living With a Spouse with Compulsion or Addiction – Walk With Them! “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!” — The Eagles, Hotel California Whenever we hear that someone is battling an addiction, our first thought may be “Just stop.” Other times it might be “How could they let, it...
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Self Empowerment

Strive For Self Empowerment “…More ‘love inspired’ change within…” — Kenneth Cope Many times in our relationships we want more: more “us” time… more communication… commitment… more [insert here]. When our spouse or loved one does something you do not like or agree with, we want the change in behavior to happen more quickly. What...
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Helping Your Son

Helping Your Son Heal From Porn Does your son struggle with porn or other compulsive technology issues? The topic of PORN is like a live wire discussion many shy away from. One parent recently said, “It’s too hard for me to even talk about. I just hope my kids will make the right decisions.”  Another...
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Healing Recovery

The Game-Changer in Healing and Recovery: Shame he football season is in high gear. Fans across the country are relishing their chance to watch their favorite teams and hold onto high hopes of glory on the gridiron. Coaches speak of offense and defense, exciting player match-ups, and keys to victory. One of the keys to...
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