Helping Loved One

Helping a Loved-one with Addiction “Once I thought my innocence was gone, Now I know that happiness goes on that’s where you found me, When you put your arms around me I haven’t been there for the longest time.” – Billy Joel, The Longest Time When you make a mistake, regardless of how big or...
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Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms and Helping Teens with Anxiety We have all been there: Sweaty palms, heart racing, trouble breathing normally, and many other somatic anxiety symptoms. Anxiety is a normal part of life, sometimes even healthy. Unfortunately, however, for many teens, severe anxiety is becoming more crippling and more prevalent than in the past. Rates of...
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Healing Daughter

Utah Family Therapy – Compassionate Counseling For Your Daughter From the first time you held her in your arms, you knew your daughter was special.  From the time she was just a few months old, her smile could brighten any room she was in and lit up your heart with joy.  Slowly, over time you...
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Brainspotting The Mind-Body Connection What is Brainspotting? Brainspotting is a revolutionary new approach to therapy developed by David Grand, Ph.D. Through his experiences working with clients doing EMDR, he recognized that many of his clients were able to process at a deeper level when they focused on a specific spot in their field of vision. Over time...
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Bridge, Not a Boulder

Be a Bridge Through Healing, not a Boulder Impeding Healing “When you’re weary, feeling small; when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all. I’m on your side. Oh when times get rough, and friends just can’t be found; Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down…” Simon & Garfunkle, Bridge...
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Fearing What You’re Accustomed to Creates Anger “As I experience certain sensory input patterns my mental pathways become accustomed to them. The inputs eventually are anticipated and even missed when absent.” — Data, Star Trek: TNG As in any relationship, we find ourselves anticipating certain events and behaviors from ourselves and from our spouse. When...
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