Difference Between Porn Addiction And Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction And Porn Addiction

Porn Addiction Versus Sex Addiction Difference Porn Addiction And Sex Addiction – Robert Robison answers this question for you in this video. What’s the Difference Porn & Sex Addiction? Well, exactly that. Someone could say well sex addiction is porn addiction, porn addiction is sex addiction – addiction is addiction. That’s one of the things that I […]

Pornography Addiction Counseling For Adolescents In Utah County

Counseling Adolescents In American Fork

We offer counseling for adolescents struggling with pornography addiction. Today, there are many, many adolescents who suffer with this addiction. In fact, according to many studies, it is more likely that the average male adolescent does struggle with a pornography addiction than that he doesn’t. “Boys will be boys”? and now “Girls will be girls”? […]

This Counseling Information Could Change Your Life

Warning Counseling

Thinking About Counseling for Your Teenager or Young Adult? CEO and founder of Utah Family Therapy Counseling in American Fork, Rob Robison, has performed a great deal of therapy in the last decade with teens and young adults. Prior to this, he worked with adults therapeutically for a stretch of time. To this very day, he […]

Porn Addiction: Its Impact on the Youth of Today

Hope Crushes The Shame Addictions Cause.

Pornography Addiction: Its Impact on the Youth of Today and the Very Hopeful Opportunity for Recovery Written by Jacob Kastleman, YES Mentor When the World Wide Web was created in 1990, there were very few who could have supposed it would give rise to what is the most rampant and destructive addiction currently in existence. […]

Healing Addiction

Addiction Recovery

Experiencing Addictive Behaviors … What Can You Do? Step 1) Realize you are not broken! The information in our system addresses their questions. The understanding of addiction is the same no matter if it is drugs, sex, alcohol or some other addictive behavior. It starts in the brain. There are many that I have been working with […]