Utah Family Therapy’s System Works

“Over the past nine years, we have seen six counselors and have talked to countless leaders about my husband’s problem. Some of the counselors blamed me; some blamed my husband and told me to leave him. One scratched the surface by giving us rules for communicating with each other but he didn’t know how to help with my husband’s pornography problem.

Things became very bad between my husband and me in 2005. After struggling for six years to try to figure this out, I had all but given up on my marriage. But my husband is determined to save our marriage and himself. He went to our bishop yet again and got another name of a counselor that might be able to help.

I had had enough with the councilors and told him he could go alone. Eventually, I began attending these sessions too. The understanding that we gained was invaluable in saving our marriage. We were taught the fundamentals about addiction which no one was able to do before. We now understand that my husband’s pornography problem is an addiction.

. . . After seeing six counselors I feel like I have become somewhat of an expert. I know what works and what doesn’t. Utah Family Therapy program works!”


(names removed for confidentiality)American Fork, UT