Healing From Pornography Addiction

Healing and the Recovery Process Happens When You Bring The Spiritual and Clinical Knowledge Together with Compassion A proper understanding of how the addicted brain works are helpful for the recovery process. When we take the clinical piece out of the equation, it leaves many people feeling frustrated and hopeless because they have been trying the spiritual road […]

Porn Addiction Side Effects

Side Effects of Porn Addiction: Why You Feel Worse When You Stop Viewing Pornography, The answer to this question is very simple. When a cocaine addict stops using and goes into recovery, they suffer very painful withdrawals and side effects from their drug. Side effects can last a while until they finally come out of […]

Foggy Brain

foggy brain

Foggy Brained After Watching Porn & Masturbating [canvakala-video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7gTDayk9lI”] We received this question from one of the attendees to one of our online question and answers. I am in a state where I can’t remember things properly. Even if I do remember them now, after half an hour, they’re gone. Why is that? Here’s our response, […]

Porn Addiction Cure

porn addiction

Cure Porn Addiction is it Possible? You clicked on this post because you saw the word ‘cure’. Cure me of my porn addiction. Cure my spouse of their pornography addiction. Is there some magic pill? Is there some mystical solution that someone can just integrate into their lives? One principle, that will take care of my […]

Pornography Declared Public Health Crisis

Pornography Public Health Crisis

PORNOGRAPHY DECLARED PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS BY UTAH SENATE UNANIMOUS VOTE IN UTAH LABELS PORN DANGEROUS TO PUBLIC HEALTH. Utah recently passed a resolution that declared pornography as a public health crisis. The bill was approved in the month of February by the Utah Senate. The vote was unanimous, 24-0. Literally, no one voted against this bill. […]

Sex Addiction Treatment


Utah Family Therapy Mission for Sex Addiction Treatment The mission of Utah Family Therapy is to provide hope and healing to those struggling with addiction. Our goal is to provide unprecedented sex addiction treatment, support, and education to those who want help and healing from pornography and sexual addiction issues. We have developed information that we know […]

Christian Women Struggle w/ Porn Too


Since we are addressing a question/comment from a Christian girl, we are going to use some scripture references and will be referring to deity. Helping Women Struggling With Porn There is help for men, women, and their families but you must look for it. The first comment was a young woman that said there was no […]

Recovery Possible


Is it possible for someone to recover from addiction? Or is it so ingrained that only a select few are able to do it? Thank you for your honest question. I think number one, the answer- the simple answer, is yes. It is possible to recover from addiction. It happens all the time. Now when we […]