Helping You – Pornography Addiction Recovery

Sometimes when you can’t think of something to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.

I have been processing a post an individual sent to us through our private email group and nothing was coming to me. I didn’t feel like I should post anything, maybe I was supposed to just allow them to process things on their own.

However this morning, something came to me, literally, one of our MP3 sessions that talks about relapse. I knew this was what I was waiting for.

The road may be rough, but worth it.

The process of recovery is a difficult road and many people need to implement individual therapy as part of the recovery process. I honestly believe this is something that should always seriously be considered. 

Our therapists specialize in helping individuals with sexual addiction issues, like porn, masturbation, sex, etc… It is our focus. It is our mantra to help people struggling with these addictions.

Individual Therapy

As much information as we put out there, as many courses we do, it will not replace the power of individual therapy. It just won’t!

We provide the best that we can. We try to make sure that we provide the highest quality information available. We are constantly working to improve our craft of helping more and more people.

When we create a self-help course there are many problems:

As you can tell, individual therapy for most is an absolute must to find that deeper sense of peace and sobriety.

With that said, here is the link I think you should check out and listen too.

Right-click this link to download mp3 to your computer.

Our online pornography addiction recovery program is designed and crafted to provide you the best information and help you the best way possible. Our recovery program will help teach you the tools that you need for recovery, but you must implement them. You must follow the things you learn. 

Our addiction recovery program will be there 24/7 so you can engage your prefrontal cortex and process your triggers until you can talk to your therapist. The self-help model is great but should be considered a way of maintenance for your healing process and not the treatment.

Story continues …

In continuation of experiencing this same issue, “Not knowing what to say”.

I had a recent experience where a loved one shared their life with the world and they divulged shocking details of their life. I am still wondering do I say something or do I just let them think about it.

Do I acknowledge what they wrote?

Do I play dumb when I talk to them? What do I do?

The one thing I realized no matter what is you can show love. Love transcends any issue.

No matter what the situation or the issue is, love will help.

Let the individual know that you care and you are there for them. Don’t say you understand unless you truly can relate, you have been through the experience. If you haven’t then the person you are talking to will think you’re full of crap.

When you try to show false empathy, you only damage a relationship. If you show true empathy and love, the relationship is improved … Ten-fold.