Why Create a Vision Board


What is the purpose of creating your vision board?

Brain Rules book cover

There’s an interesting book out called, Brain Rules, by John Medina.

What we see is the most powerful of our five senses. Creating a vision board is kind of going back to your future vision statement and then creating pictures of those things. Find images and things that represent, as close as possible, what you truly desire, and then you create a board; it can be a corkboard, a magnet board, a poster board … you decide.

You may say, ‘Well I’m not visual…’ or I’m not artistic… or I’m not creative’. You find what works for you. It can be a combination of words and pictures but really the focus is more around pictures because ‘A picture paints a thousand words’.

When we see things with our eyes, it does something to the deep parts of our brain and that’s the part that we’re trying to restructure and reorganize with positive things that we’re striving for.

Pictures Imprint

Pictures can imprint the positive and uplifting things on us, and that’s the purpose behind it. You’ll notice some examples below this article of some people’s future vision boards. This should not be a frustrating experience, it’s just putting together pictures of something that’s inspiring you to be the person you want to be or things you want to do in your life.

It can be things of:

You get the idea, find images that represent the person you want to be. There is no right or wrong way to create a vision board.

Being a morally upright person

right-way-wrong-way sign

You’ve got to find that middle ground of where you are at now and where you want to be. Putting a picture of a beautiful home or of a car, that’s fine. But the main thing behind those things is that it helps you become a more decent, well-rounded person and above all, being a morally upright person.

One who has decent relationships with other people, and you become an influencer for good in the world.

A picture paints a thousand words and the purpose really is to take your future vision and create pictures of it; keep that vision board where you see it every day.

You may feel like, ‘Gosh, it’s a little redundant. What does that do?’ but just trust the process of you becoming more proactive. It’s a statement of faith when you create your vision board to say, ‘I believe this.’ Even if it’s just a teeny sliver of faith that you can actually accomplish anything close to these things.

There’s a great purpose in taking action because that helps you move forward in a positive way and that’s everything that the Utah Family Therapy System is about. It’s about helping you move forward to have faith in yourself, and teaching you the skills, principles and giving you the tools to help you do that.

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