Sex Addiction Treatment


Utah Family Therapy Mission for Sex Addiction Treatment The mission of Utah Family Therapy is to provide hope and healing to those struggling with addiction. Our goal is to provide unprecedented sex addiction treatment, support, and education to those who want help and healing from pornography and sexual addiction issues. We have developed information that we know […]

Sex Fetish


Do You Treat Sex Fetishes The Same Way as an Addiction [canvakala-video src=”″ skin=”skin1″ width=”560″] What about fetishes? Is the mechanism different? The thing that turns you on, you see it in streets? Essentially, I think the quick answer to this question is sexual triggers that can happen are still happening in the same way in the brain. […]

Porn Immoral

Porn Immoral

Does It Help to View Porn as Immoral? I don‘t know if that‘s something that I can really answer for each individual person who‘s asking this question. I think it really depends on the individual who is trying to work through that challenge. Because there are those who do not view pornography as being immoral and […]

Why You Should Invest In Pornography Addiction Treatment

Hi, my name is Robert Robinson, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist Pornography Addiction Treatment Why should I take time and money and resources for myself? This question is something we hear all the time as therapists. Imagine this: if you have a loved one, think of the person that you love most in your life if they […]

Loved Ones Viewing Porn What Can I Do

You just found out that your husband has been viewing porn. What can you do to help him and what can you do to help yourself? I’m so glad this question came in because it’s something that many partners and spouses of those who are struggling with a sexual addiction are afraid to ask or […]

Motivated In Recovery

Motivated In Recovery

We receive a lot of questions but this one is asked more frequently. How do you stay motivated in porn addiction recovery? If you find yourself in the addiction cycle, and cannot find any sort of motivation to drag yourself out or you do not feel inspired to get out. What should you do? The fact that […]

Sexual Urges

Stop Acting On Sexual Urges Sex is all in our heads, quite literally. Our brains are involved in all steps of sexual behavior and in all its variations, from feelings of sexual desire and partner choice, to arousal, orgasm and even post-coital cuddling. You know, it’s interesting that many of us will face certain things […]

Purpose of Moral Inventory


Addiction Recovery Exercise Most programs I’ve tried have always some sort of personal inventory, where you go over regrets, mistakes, etc. and try to find peace with them, either by apologizing or making the situation right. I find completing this inventory very hard because I have no idea where to start, how to do it. […]