Fear of Failing Recovery

(First I want to say, forgive me for any grammatical mistakes, errors, etc… I feel it is more important to get this information out than keeping it inside and waiting for someone to edit it.) The Fear of Failing (Atychiphobia) “…Imagine living a life where you never bothered to try because you were too afraid of […]

Overcome Addiction Despite Relapse


Overcoming Addiction – How to Heal Despite Relapse [canvakala-video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsKhofDwdh4″] Three months ago I thought I was over this. I was, it turns out, way too confident, arrogant about in fact. Then I had a fall back, a bad one. I got caught, my marriage was severely strained. I am now clean, but nowhere as […]

Foggy Brain

foggy brain

Foggy Brained After Watching Porn & Masturbating [canvakala-video src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7gTDayk9lI”] We received this question from one of the attendees to one of our online question and answers. I am in a state where I can’t remember things properly. Even if I do remember them now, after half an hour, they’re gone. Why is that? Here’s our response, […]

5 Key Strategies For Recovery

strategy for Recovery

5 Key Strategies For Healing From Addiction Key Strategy for Healing #1 – Acknowledgement The first key is to acknowledge or acknowledgment (recognize the status or take notice of), meaning that you just accept the reality of the limbic system (it exists and is essential) or the fact that you are struggling with negative behavior. […]

Vision Board Purpose


Why Create a Vision Board What is the purpose of creating your vision board? There’s an interesting book out called, Brain Rules, by John Medina. What we see is the most powerful of our five senses. Creating a vision board is kind of going back to your future vision statement and then creating pictures of those […]

YES Universal Addiction Treatment Manual

Title: Universal Addiction Treatment Manual Explained Being in the field for a long time, and since we created YES we focused specifically on pornography addiction, but in that period of time we’ve had many, many people throughout the world contact us about, Eating disorders Gambling Substance abuse General addictions And so forth. So we’ve created, with the […]

Recovery Possible


Is it possible for someone to recover from addiction? Or is it so ingrained that only a select few are able to do it? Thank you for your honest question. I think number one, the answer- the simple answer, is yes. It is possible to recover from addiction. It happens all the time. Now when we […]

Porn Immoral

Porn Immoral

Does It Help to View Porn as Immoral? I don‘t know if that‘s something that I can really answer for each individual person who‘s asking this question. I think it really depends on the individual who is trying to work through that challenge. Because there are those who do not view pornography as being immoral and […]