This Song of Struggle Got Me Thinking

Would you still love me with all of my weaknesses?

I was driving to work the other day when I found myself singing to a popular song on the radio. (I do my best singing in the car!). The song that was playing was one that I have heard many times before, but the lyrics stood out to me today and it’s a powerful message about struggle.

In a nutshell, the lyrics talk about a guy asking someone if they would still love him with all his weaknesses.

This song is very similar to what many people who are struggling with something experience in their closest relationships. They think to themselves,

“If that person knew this about me, there is no way they would still love me”.

Continued Challenge

Consequently, they continue to struggle and battle in private, without the support that could truly help them.

If you know someone that may be struggling, be the sympathetic ear that they so desperately need. Even if you don’t quite understand what the addict is going through, you most likely understand what it is like to struggle with something. Draw on that experience and let them know you care.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple,

“Thank you for opening up to me. That must be really hard. I am here for you.”

I am here for you.

Brad Tanner