Hell On Earth

A wonderful therapist, one of the leaders in the pornography addiction industry works in a drug addiction Outpatient Facility. They do 12-step there. This man does amazing work and for those who leave his program he sees a 90% longitudinal sobriety rate. This is absolutely unheard of in the addiction field.

He once stated that “Relapse is not part of Recovery”.

We disagree with this as a whole but we understand what he’s saying.

What we are shooting for here is “total sobriety”. This is what you want and I can tell you in full confidence that you can have total sobriety.

Engagement can absolutely mean total sobriety for you; at your stage and at your age. This being said, what you are going through is hell on earth. My friend, you are fighting a war each day. You have found yourself in the pits of despair and flying high in the sky as if you had wings.

Ups and downs and UPS and DOWWNNS.

It is the roller coaster ride of addiction, and there is nothing that can be said that takes that pain away. The only way that it can be taken away is a life of full and complete sobriety. That is the only way that you will find the peace you seek.

I have a few things to bring to the table:

1. Have you changed your affirmations, or do you have a few different ones to listen to?

If you are listening to the same one you had months ago, it’s time for a change. Your brain habitualizes, and over time if you don’t change it, it can get to sound like “Wah-wah-wah-wah”, Peanuts parents all over again. So if you’re using the same one, write a new one. No matter how difficult it is or if you don’t feel you can take the time. This is your first priority, you must do this.

I have three 20-minute affirmation scripts that I listen to. I switch it up and listen to different portions at different times, just based on what I feel is right. And my highest recommendation is for you to engage in a long prayer beforehand for guidance in writing it your new script. Pray in detail for what it is you need and desire.

2. Do you read scriptures?

If you don’t, I say do it. Start reading in the Bible or other scripture each day. Here’s what I’m going to say. Spend 20 minutes in the scriptures, 3 times per day. This also may be difficult, pray for help, strength, and the spirit to flow to you each time you read.

3. Build the habit of praying constantly.

I’m not just talking about praying for sobriety, I’m talking about praying about EVERYTHING. From when you eat food, to when you go to sleep, wake up, work, write, read, school, friends and social activities, you NAME IT. Pray all the time. This also is EXTREMELY difficult, I can tell you that from personal experience. But after a period of time, it becomes much easier and you’ll start doing it all the time. I find I have become dependent on it in fact. Hey, infinitely better than other dependencies right?

In fact, spirituality needs to be one of the main things, if not The Main thing that you become dependent on to replace the dependence on pornography. You are literally replacing your addiction in all eventuality my friend.

Here are the 4 main things that have replaced my past addictions:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Daily Meditation (I spend a lot of time in visualization of who I want to be and what I want my life to be and focus on letting the spirit and the energies align with me for these things to come to pass each day)
  3. Productivity and Work – I have found that I need to be working everyday, always accomplishing things. I thrive off of school, work, and productivity. It is my drug. It gets me in a flow and makes me feel alive and fulfilled. I need it, quite literally. What’s your need brotha’?
  4. Excellent Health and Exercise – I love eating healthy.


It took me a long time to develop that love, but it’s just a habit. The exercise also keeps me super motivated to eat healthy and gets excellent endorphin, dopamine, and adrenaline flowing. There are times when I have needed a good run to clear my head in times of deep, deep darkness and despair. It can clear away the haze and get you back in gear.

Hope this helps my friend. You can have your dream of sobriety, you just need to build a new life and the Spirit of the Lord can teach you how. But you must take powerful action each day.

Make these components of sobriety your first priority.

Learn them, grow them, make them second nature, and then never falter because it is much easier to stay ahead of addiction than to find yourself battling it.

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