Strive For Self Empowerment

“…More ‘love inspired’ change within…” — Kenneth Cope

Many times in our relationships we want more: more “us” time… more communication… commitment… more [insert here]. When our spouse or loved one does something you do not like or agree with, we want the change in behavior to happen more quickly. What we often forget is that the change we are seeking needs to come from within before we can expect it to happen in others. This change is all about perception and how we view ourselves and others.

‘Love inspired’ change does not mean we deserve to be taken advantage of or walked all over; it implies we need to show more compassion, understanding, and patience towards our spouse, but more importantly towards ourselves. Most of us, if not all of us, are our own worst critic. We are never smart enough… rich enough… thin enough… [insert here] enough. Once we begin to change the way we look at ourselves, we begin to change how we look at others. We can become more loving and less judgmental. It starts within, and it begins with self-empowerment.

We Change Ourselves

Self-empowerment is a concept that we should all be striving towards, but somehow seem to forget as quickly as we remember we need to work on it. This concept allows us to grow not for the sake of others, but for ourselves. This empowerment enables us to know what we want and helps us accomplish what we have set out for. We can change ourselves in a fundamentally positive way, that we become, what we’ve always wanted to become: happy and in love. Yes, this self-love empowers us to become versions of ourselves that we may have never thought possible.

The more we can make these ‘love inspired’ changes the brighter the world will seem. These changes will allow us more significant opportunities to forgive our spouse, loved ones, and ourselves. These changes will allow us to become more understanding and compassionate in a way that matters most to us, our own worst critic. All we need is a heart full of love.

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